Understanding Medicare and Managed Care Seminar at BRC


Are you going to be 65 “soon” and need to begin researching your health insurance choices? Curious about the system and how it works? Or are you over 65 feeling frustrated trying to understand your health plan benefits, what’s covered, and why something might not be covered?  You are NOT alone! There are 60 million Americans over the age of 65 in the United States and each day 10, 000 more of you turn 65. There is a lot to consider when you choose your insurance “partner”. Join me in this session where I will cover the facts, dispel the myths, and simply the Medicare and Managed Medicare program. If this is your first session – you will learn all you need to make a great choice. If you have been on any Medicare product for a while you will learn tips on how to get the care you need while partnering with your health plan, options for changing plans, and knowledge of all the "parts" of Medicare. Attendees will be presented with information that will serve as the foundation for advocating for oneself. Gain the knowledge and confidence needed to ask meaningful questions and feel empowered as you coordinate, collaborate, and communicate the needs of a loved one with your health plan. Personal stories, examples and insider tips for advocacy and negotiation will be shared. There will be time for your questions, and an opportunity at the end of the session to connect with the speaker if you need more personalized help.